Red Sled

Mommy was taking the picture of us and Pip was watching us from the window. She enjoyed that but there not in the picture so let's tell you about the picture.
Let's start from the left the sled, well it's color is red and that's pretty much it about the sled. Well then there is Riley and then the snowman. Riley and the snow man are the same height and Riley is 5 foot 1 so that's how tall the snow man is. All the people in the photo is the ones who built the snowman. (sorry mom no credit can go to you). Then daddy, Bergen, London and then fianlly last but not least Mo-Town.
I hope you enjoyed seeing us having fun in "good ol' Virginia."

Just Another Day

Piper and Beckett enjoyed each other a lot on this trip. We have a lot of cute pictures them together.
They were great for the camera this visit. Don't they just look adorable. Leave a comment if you think they look cute. They were even wearing matching clothes. Awwwww
Beckett also just loved his hands and of course Piper being a Keigley kid loves her thumb.
We like to joke with Piper and Beckett that they are going to get married some day. They just smile at us so I mean they seem like they want to get married to. hehe.

Snow Days

We recently had a great snow. All of us went out to play in it. Now everyone has to have fun even a snow baby. Isn't it cute. Daddy made it. He also nailed us all at snowball fights. We pretty much got creamed. hehe. So that is the awesome Keigley snow day for you. Daddy enjoyed having his own baby come out in the snow. hehe.


I Can Be Your Friend

Sisters are a great thing to have around. You can fight all you want but in the end your sister is going to be the one you run to in the end. London and Mosely do fight but hey in the end they're the ones who run to each other.

Around the table hanging out. The little kids loved hanging out and eating dinner on their special table.


Sweet Baby Girl

London loves making funny faces and then seeing herself on the little screen. So of course this is one of those pics.

Country Roads- More like Country Views

Mosely was just being picture perfect at Uncle Luke and Aunt Jessica's wedding. "It was a hot day and i just had to take a breather." Mosely says.

This fall we went down to Emma and Jon's house and we decided to go to a corn maze and London enjoyed sitting under the shade. I mean who wouldn't?

Time Keeps on Slippin Into the Future

Look out the window and see the future Keigley kids.


Sweet Child of Mine

This is our pal Beckett. He was born into the huge family of Joersz, Wickstrum and Keigley family in September. He has already grown up so fast. It's hard to believe. Well we did this for Cole so it's only fair to do it to Beckett to. So here we go,

Riley- Beckett is so cute. I am enjoying watching Beckett grow up. I know that he will be a sweet boy already.

London- Ummm... BEckett is cute. When he was born i called him Bucket. hehe

Mosely- He is cute. can I play with him? Why?

Bergen- He he is coot. I love him.

Now there is one more Keigley kid but she can't talk yet so in her heart she loves him to.

I Can Be Your Friend

This is our friend Colton as most of you know. We have all enjoyed watching him grow up. When he is older he is defentially going to be "the ladies man" hehe

Ok so here's what all the Keigley kids have to say about Cole,
Riley- He is super cute and a very sweet little boy
London- Ummm... I love Cole. Ahhh... he is cute. Can Cole come and play with us? I like Cole.
Mosely- I Like Cole. He is my friend. I love him.
Bergen- I like cole to play with me. He is fun. I like cole. ummm... can I color on him?

Ok so here's the thing. As you guys can see all the pictures are gone. Don't worry they will be back soon.

So here's a good pic of the Keigley kids and Colton. It's a great pic right. hehe.