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Hard Days Night

my family/little munch walking. BEWARE!!!! it has music!!! so turn on your speakers!!!!!


Viva La Vida

This past weekend most of the summer staff came back for a visit and to work. We had so much fun seeing them and we already miss them. It was good to see them but at the same time very sad. We just got used to them not being here and then they come back and were all sad. But if any summer staff is reading this we are glad you came and your welcome any time!!!!


More Campfire Songs With Bob and Larry

Some more pics of the campfire

Campfire Songs With Bob and Larry

Mom has always wanted a fire pit. Well maybe like 2 months before we move me and dad made a fire pitt, then we moved. hahahaha....... no not really because we had worked hard on it. Well mom wanted a fire pit here as well. So I kinda made a fire ring. Daddy made it better then it was. Well recently when Emma, Jon and the boys came down and we had a really fun camp fire, it was a lot of fun. Then when grandpa came he made me/ helped me build a fire. It was fine after it was done. But 1 thing I took away from it is fires are good when I dont build it. hahaha. Thanks daddy for building our fires and not making me do it.