ahhh..... little much a million....
She is growing up so quick. This is just a really cute pic. of her.


I'm a Big Boy Now

OK so no pictures yet but I figured I better just tell you now. This week as you know mom has been gone. Well hats off the dad he did it. Bergen has peed and poo pooed in the potty!!! Only a couple of accidents. Hurray Berg!!!!


A Hard Days Night

This week mom is going to a conference for Look Up and while she is gone dad is determined to get Berg potty trained. So last night they went out and got underwear for him. ( not the ones in the pic silly) We dont have any pics of that yet but when he is I will put them up.

Mon.,Tues.,Wed., Thurs., Fri. thats the days of the week

Every Friday we try to go over the lodge and go on hikes around the lake. The kids love it. Piper has enjoyed being in the snuglie and picking and touching flowers and bark. She also came up with a new game over at the lodge. This is how you play it.... you get as many acorns of tiny sticks and put them down the cracks and wait for the drop. It's really cute.

On a nice and cool Saturday me and mom went to Carl Sandburgs house (as berg likes to call it cardnial sandburgs house). We had a lot of fun. We heard a man talk about Abe Lincoln and then a guy played the fiddle and 2 diffrent types of banjos. Then we walked around saw some goats and then went back to hear Abe Lincoln (not really) talk. It was kinda creepy he looks exactly like him!!!( see for yourself).