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Beautiful Girl

Piper is just to cute. She is growing up so fast. She is already starting to crawl. She Is really funny. We have a photo baby. One day I was taking her photos and she cried when I took the camera away. It was really cute. Piper is eating whole foods. Her favorite thing is a whole weat biter biscuite. They have them in the baby food section. And ya know the best part of it is they are not as messy as the other ones that are not whole weat.

When we went up to Ohio we had fun taking pictures of everyone. This is Papaw and Piper. They enjoyed each other very much as you can tell in the picture. Piper's favorite memory of this trip is hanging out with all of her cousins and meeting many people that even I have not met.


This is our friend Joy. I don't remember if you remember her from Christmas or not. She has grown up so fast. It's really funny, Joy can crawl and pull up on things. Well Piper is starting to do that type of stuff. It's really cute. Thanks Joy.

Sponge Bob Square Pants (theme song)

This is our good friend Dan. He works at Look Up as well. He is ummmm... I forget. Well every one was saying how cute the girls hair cuts are. They asked who did it and as most of you know Dad does that. Well Dan was like can you give a haircut as well. Sorry Dan about the sponge bob cover.


I'm a Big Kid Now

We are trying to potty train Bergen but have haad no luck what so ever. So with that being said, one day Bergen came out and wanted to wear Dad's boxer shorts. Of course we could not tell him no. It was really cute. He thought he was a big boy. If anyone has any ideas of what will potty train him let us know.

I Want Candy

Recently at our church(NORTH HILLS) we had a picnic. It was a blast. The kids had there own cotton candy which was a major hit. Then we had snow cones. The kids enjoyed the boncie things. If you don't know what I'm talking about look at the pics. We had sunscreen but forgot to put it on. It was a very smart thing to do. Every one got really sunburned. But other then that part it was really fun. London said " I really love that place. I miss it to. Can we go back?"


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