Introducing Otto Fox Wilder McDonald Keigley

It is official he is here. Otto Fox Wilder McDonald Keigley. Wow what a name. My mom's blog says all the reasons behind his name. So look there for the whole story. He was born May 22. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 inches long.

He already has such a personality. He makes these really funny old man face. He scrunches up his forehead and nose. hehe he is just so cute.

oh and for more pics go here
or just go to my facebook and look at them there.


Race Day/ Kendall's B-Day

OK so I know it's a little late for this post but I'm gonna do it anyways. Well as most of you know Daddy and me run. Well we love to do races. We have done 3 or 4 races sense we have moved. Daddy has done a half marathon to. I'm not that good yet. Well this last race we did was really fun. It was in Travelers Rest. That night after the race me and daddy went to see Star Strek. It was AMAZING. So here is a pic from the race...

Now for the 2nd part of this post. My friend Kendall turned 16. So her mommy and daddy had a party for her. We had so much fun. The food was really good and I got to meet some of her friends that I had heard a lot about. We went swimming, played soccer (which was like 1 of the best things about it), hung out, played ping pong and jumped on the trampoline. We had a blast!!! So happy late b-day blog post KB. (the pics are of me and KB and then me, Kaylee and Hannah)


Now That We Found Love

OK so I hope this works. Here is a link to a video the kids did. If you have a facebook and are my friend then you can acess it that way but if you don't this should work

copy it into your internet browser and it will work

The Time of My Life

Well it's a new month. May... ahhhh.... Its the next best thing to summer. Cause all the summer staffers come!!! Oh my gosh I can't wait. You will be seeing pics all summer (if i can remember)long of them and the kids.

Well not much new in the Keigley house. We are just geting ready for the new baby. Any day now would be fine. I still can't believe it. We just finished his room. It is so cute.

Check it out...

Well there is the baby's room. Mom and Dad think they have a name
thats not official I'm sure it will most likely change at least one more time. hehe (you think im joking)

Well another cool/funny story for you. I was on facebook and the kids and mom were watching a show and it went off and usally when a show goes off the kids say "can you turn on another show"? Well I didn't here it. I went to check on them and this is what I saw

p.s. the title doesnt match the post just to know if you it