It's gonna be a fun time fun time it's gonna be a family time family time can't you see.

The Keigley family took yet another trip this year. We went to see Uncle Danny, Aunt Beckey, Ki and Maxx. We had a lot of fun with them. The kids enjoyed playing the wii at their house. (My wii is not set up yet) Grandpa and Jenny also came up to see them. Sadly they left before we could get a good picture with all of us in it. But this is really good considering every one is looking.


Here are some more pics of the Keigley fam in Flordia.


Love Story

I know what you guys are thinking I have not up dated the blog
in FOREVER. I have gotten TONS of emails about it. I'm not joking people. But I have a great excuse. These pics will show you why.
This past Tuesday mom, me and the kids got in the car and drove
down to Florida. When we got there we had fun, we went to target
and me (Riley) and stin a.k.a. Austin went to publix. The main reason we came down here was for Beck's b-day, Thanksgiving and Erik and Sarah's wedding. Well Tuesday Daddy came down to join us. We had Thanksgiving and Becks b-day as well as Erik and Sarah's wedding. On Friday we had the rehearsal dinner. The next day was the wedding. At 4:32 exactly ( i look at my watch to check) the pastor/preacher said "I now introduce Mr. and Mrs. Erik Wickstrum. It was a very cute wedding. Piper liked the reception way better. hehe Piper loved dancing and eating cake. Over all we had a great time in Florida. I am staying here with Emma and going back with her for a couple days or maybe a week.