No Means No

The girls bedroom is not done yet so they have been sleeping with Piper in her room. They love to sleep in there with her but they don't sleep and neither does she.So Riley and Mom took out the futon (the girls bed for right now), and the we rearanged Piper's room. She was

sitting up in her crib and I got out the camera and she just started making these really funny faces at the camera.

Why Can't We Be Friends

This is our friends Jason and Bo. They are the landscapers at LUL. And by the way LUL stands for Look Up Lodge. A lot of people don't know what I'm talking about when I say that so I'm telling you it now. When everyone was sick Bo got together a box titled Box O' Reliefe with a lot of good stuff in it. Thanks Bo.


This last week was Bergen's birthday. He turned 3 as most of of you know .
For Bergen's birthday dinner we had rocket soup and
chocolate cake. It was really good. If you don't know what rocket soup is then watch Little Einsteins on Disney.


Johnny Tremain
April 29,2008

A novel that is filled with danger and excitement , Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes is a book that will make you realize that life is not fair and that you have to learn how to deal with all of life’s curves that it throws at you.
Johnny Tremain was an apprentice to a silversmith in the time of the Revolutionary War. The war had not begun when the book begun. Johnny is his master’s favorite boy out of all of his apprentices. Johnny Tremain is taught a lesson of being prideful by taking the Lord’s day and doing work. He is taught that lesson by being severely burned on his hand. After weeks of waiting it’s time to find out how his hand looks. His thumb is stuck to the side of his hand. He can not do silversmith work any longer so his master tells him to go find another job, along the way he met a really nice guy. His name was Rab. He helped and befriended Johnny. Then the Revolutionary War began. Rab was killed and a doctor was able to free Johnny’s hand. For the first time in along time, Johnny felt free.
The theme of this novel is trust . It is shown through Johnny Tremain learning how to open his heart to his friend Rab and trusting him with his life.
This was a good book because by the end you were like I feel good about reading that book. You might not read it again, but it is worth reading because you actually kinda felt what Johnny Tremain was feeling.


Lions and Tigers and Bear, Oh My!

We went to the Greenville zoo for Bergen's 3rd birthday. Daddy took off for the day to come with us. On that day we went to a Greenville Drive baseball game and the zoo. We had a blast together. At the zoo we saw a baby aragatange with his mommy and his daddy the baby was named Bob. Mom and Riley decided that they could watch him for an hour or more without being

board ,
we saw a baby Lemur as well. He was about 1 month old. He was so stinking cute. He was about the size of a small kitten. He was adorable.


When You Were Young

Well as you all know this is Mosley. We have this tree out side the house and it's perfect for the kids to climb on. Mosely loves to do everything that London does and well London is a better climber then Mo-Town, so she mostly gets stuck in the tree then actually climbing it, (sorry Mosely but it's true).


Happy Birthday to Berg part 2

Here is another pic of the birthday boy. I have to upload some more pics of him but they are not on the computer yet. But yesterday we went to a baseball game and then the zoo. We had a blast with him and we also realized something. Berg is not a baby any more he is a little man.

Happy Birthday To Berg Part 1

Tomorrow is Hawk's birthday. We are all excited. He will be three. It's hard to believe but it's true.
While mom and the wee girls made Hawk's cake, I took Berg out on a hike. We took Piper to. She enjoyed it very much.
So far Hawk has gotton a sigg bottle (shown in the pic), a Greenville Drive hat (a local simi pro leage), and our friends Leigh and Ryan sent him a fun pillow with some Curiouse George stuff and mamaw and papaw sent him twenty dollors!!!
He is getting some legos. They are Bob the Builder and a
firetruck set.


One In A Million Part 2

hey well here is a reason why people like the Jonas Brothers. If any of you would like to leave one feel free to.
Here it is,

I like them because they have cool hair, and they are realistic about their fame
that was givin to us by Maggie

One In A Million

Well let's just say I love the Jonas Brothers. I know if you are my father or mother you are laughing your head off as you read this. Here is a top 5 reason why you should love the Jonas Brothers and my top 5 reasons why I love them.
1.) cause they write their own music
2.) they are cute
3.) they have a cool website/myspace page
4.) they dress pretty cool
5.) 2 out of 3 of them have dad's names
OK well that's your 5 reasons why you should like the Jonas Brothers. If any of you are fans feel free to comment on this post and the write why you like them. NO I repeat NO mean comments on them. You can visit them at . I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Go Jonas Brothers

These Are The Days

On the last day of my co-op class I took dad's camera to the class. We had fun taking photos and sharing really funny stories and memories. We also made new ones with our new friends who joined the class this year.

From Top Left: Joanne, Erica, Alisha, Jem and Ryan
From Bottom Left: Karissa, Taylor and Riley


When You Look Me In The Eyes

This is our pal Beck. He has not been seen on the blog in a while, so I was like I better put him on here.
We have not seen Beck in a long time but this was one of the last pic's of him. Daddy took it. Good job daddy.
Beck is now eating baby cereal. He mainly just spits it out Emma says. He is rolling over as well.
We can't wait to see you soon Beck. (You to Cole)

We Are Brothers Forever

When Berg went to have Hank removed, Cole, Beck and Emma came up to watch us. We had fun with them. We enjoy their company very much. Well Emma and mom did not know that they had bought the same shirt. And well it was a rainy day (so everyone was tired) when they showed up to our old house, and we were like that shirt is really cute Cole and Emma was like cute shirt Bergen and well we then realized that they were wearing the same shirts. It was rather funny.