Day 1

First of all let me say i can't think of any osng titles for these next blogs so deal with it.
On Sunday we (mom,riley,london,mosely and bergen) got in the car and went to Hunting Island. It was pretty cool outside but we still went at first Bergen was terrified of the water, but after awhile he got in. We enjoyed it very much. Dad and Pip stayed at the house because they were not feeling good. At Hunting Island we had a great time......
finding shells
doing flips
running on the sand
eating a picknic lunch
taking pics
looking at the ocean
and many more things. Check out my facebook for more pics or you can click on this to make it bigger.


The Keigleys went to Fripp Island this past week. We had so much fun. The little guy in the pic is named Pete. If you study all the pictures as well as I would hope you do in the next year or years he will come and go so keep your eye open for him and check back soon for more beach pics or just look on my facebook pictures.



Piper is growing up so much these past few days. Let's see what is new with her

- she hates the word NO and throws a hissy fit when we tell her NO or move her

- she is not doing her army crawl anymore she is now has her tummy up it very sad

- she is begining to say hi dad, it really sounded like one time she said high five, I think that is her first word!!!

- she took her first step (mom said she doesn't believe me but she did)

- she is still making funny faces

Viva La Vida

When Papaw came to visit he brought us all shirts from when he went to texas!!! They are really cool shirts. Exspecially mine. He has pretty good taste. Piper got a little cowgirl onesie with a skirt attached!! The shirt below says" Someone who loves me very much went to Fort Worth and got me this shirt." Then Bergs shirt has spiders on it.


We went to Carl Sandburgs house. It was a lot of fun. There was this goat that loved to eat rope and it was just to cute not to take a picture of it!!! Leave a comment if you agree!!!


We Rock

One of the summer staffers named Nate came over to our beloved home and dad gave him a haircut. It looks really good. So far dad has givin 3 haircuts to people at look up and they have turned out great. So if you want a good hair cut call him for it.