Goodbye Blogspot Hello Wordpress

To all my faithfull bloggers and blog readers I'm moving to wordpress. See you there.


When I Grow Up

OK so I gotta really funny story for you guys. So I was giving the kiddos a bath this morning. And Piper was first. So after I got her out of her bath I went to get her dressed. There was this really cute little purple shirt and I was gonna have her in these plaid pink shorts. Cute match so I thought so I made a huge deal over it. Well stupid mistake on my part. The shirt ended up way too big on her and I told Piper it is too big we have to put on another shirt, well she lost it!!! Im not joking a 1 1/2 year old lost it because her shirt did not fit. Well what was I supposed to do. So I tried to calm her down, that didn't work so finally I got another shirt on her and she fell into my arms and bawled like a baby. It was so funny. And the face she made before she fell into my arms was priceless. I wish that would have been one of those moments where you caught everything on tape.


Otto's 1st things

OK so for his scrapbook I'm doing a whole page about Otto's 1st. Well I will also share them with you guys. Here is Otto's 1st diaper change in the car, 1st time at mellow mushroom and just being plain cute in his baby buff and if you are interested in his buff you should get one.


Forever Young

OK so here is some new pics of Otto. I love making him wear hats and the best part of it is that he cant do anything about them. hehe Does that mean I'm an evil sister? Well he has been doing well eating and today he was weighed and he was 8 pounds. YAY Otto. Oh and the song title is because that is his song that mommy and daddy gave him.