When I Grow Up

OK so I gotta really funny story for you guys. So I was giving the kiddos a bath this morning. And Piper was first. So after I got her out of her bath I went to get her dressed. There was this really cute little purple shirt and I was gonna have her in these plaid pink shorts. Cute match so I thought so I made a huge deal over it. Well stupid mistake on my part. The shirt ended up way too big on her and I told Piper it is too big we have to put on another shirt, well she lost it!!! Im not joking a 1 1/2 year old lost it because her shirt did not fit. Well what was I supposed to do. So I tried to calm her down, that didn't work so finally I got another shirt on her and she fell into my arms and bawled like a baby. It was so funny. And the face she made before she fell into my arms was priceless. I wish that would have been one of those moments where you caught everything on tape.

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