Spider Man

I was giving Piper a bath and getting her dressed afterwards. She loves her baths, well every Keigley kid (except Riley) has worn this out fit.
Piper looks so cute in this outfit. She was great at leting me take her picture of her bum.
If you are just now looking at my blog for the first time, Piper is a girls. (jon if your reading this She has a ton of hair now you just can't see it when it's dry).


Well as you all know, this is Piper. She is now 7 months old. I have decided to do something that I have never done before. Every month till she is 1 years old and maybe after that, I'm going to do a update so that all of our friends can see her growing up.
So with that being said, Piper's update.
Piper has been rolling over for about a month. She just started getting really good at sitting up. She has been eating normal foods now. She loves them. Well that's pretty much her update for you.
So if you want any pics of Pip or anybody else feel free to ask me for them.


I Can Be Your Friend

Piper for some reason loves big stuff toys. (the ones that are bigger than she is). Well she was sitting in Riley's bedroom and Riley brought out Winnie the Poo, well Pip just loved him. It was rather funny because she was holding him and he took her down with him. She was content as long as Winnie was with her.


Okay so here's a really cute pic of Riley and Piper. Our friends Leigh and Ryan let us borrow there snuglie, and well let's just say Pip fell in love with it. When we were just moving in we couldn't do that much stuff with Pip in your arms so we(riley and mom) would take turns holding Pip in the snuglie. Well it got to the point of Pip laughing when she saw it and crying when we took her out. I mean who wouldn't like a safe and tight hug all the time. I mean I would.

The Happy Song

This is our friend, His name is Gabe. You might have seen him before. (ya know the hilarious pic) well I did that pic at his grandparents house, so i could not make it look good.
Leigh and Gabe came down for Riley's birthday and we did not hear Gabe for a while and so Leigh went to find him, he was laughing his wee little head off. And do ya know why he was laughing???? Well I will tell you, he was laughing because he had colored all over his face. ( with a crayon) How he colored all over his face/chin we never could figure out. But it was too cute not to take a picture of this great moment. We miss you Gabe,Leigh and Ryan so much.


Come On Home

So now for the moment everyone has been waiting for, here are some pics of the Keigley's new house. And in th fueture know that Riley and Lacey are getting there own blog. We don't know what they are yet but we will let you know.


Million Dollor Baby

Piper has grown up sp fast it seams like. She has started to sit up. We have to help her but she is doing great. She has not gotton the hang of sitting up by herself yet. But like all babys she is definally going to learn.
These past couple of days have been fun. Riley had her birthday and then Leigh and Gabe came down for the weekend. Ryan did not come this trip. We missed you Ryan. I will put up some photos of there trip here later.

Never Alone

Bergen recently had surgery on his hernia. He has had it since he was born. He loves to sleep while playing with it. We, as a family, decided to name him Hank. Then a couple days before his surgery Uncle Douglas' horse had a baby and named it Hank. We told Berg that and he thought that Uncle Douglas named him that because of him. Daddy and Mommy said that Berg did great. I'm sure he was a trooper. We love you Berg. He has been recovering well. The doc said that he was not suppose to do any physical activity for 2 whole weeks. Everyone knows Berg, that is not possible. But he is back to his normal self now, and enjoying life.


You Say It's Your Birthday

Riley just turned 14 today. So on that special occasion, mommy and the kids took Riley shopping at Old Navy. They had a blast trying on clothes. So when we got home, mommy took a photo shoot of Riley,(and some of London). The photo with with Riley and London is our Guitar Hero shirt London said.Then one shirt is light green with white stripes. The Kelly green shirt is a St. Patrick's day shirt. Then the dark green one is well dark green.

Rub a Dub Dub

Piper was the first Keigley baby to take a bath in the new sink.
Riley gave Piper her bath. Piper really enjoyed being able to sit up
in the bath for the first time.
Piper has grown so much in the past couple weeks. It's very bitter sweet. She has tried carrots, rice, peas, peaches, green beans, and several other baby foods. She likes them all very much. She has not turned a colour yet but I'm sure she will.

GNO (Girls Night Out)

Ashleigh, Riley's friend, came over and spent the night at the Keigley's old house.
They had a mini party and did the best music video you have ever seen. ( daddy helped a little, OK so maybe a lot).
The music video is called GNO. Hence the name.
Riley and Ashleigh have been friends for over 2 years and so far they love being friends. I don't know if any of you knew but the
Keigleys went out west for a couple days.(yes we drove).
Well Ashleigh came with us. Mommy told us we would probably be
tired of each other by the end of the trip but we were not. We had
a blast. Well now back to the GNO video. Ashleigh came over to
celebrate Riley's early b-day and Ashleigh's really early b-day.
They did a lot of funny stuff. Daddy was a huge help. He helped edit it and video it as well. Daddy is great as you all know. So on behalf of Riley and Ashleigh Thank You Daddy.


Maybe Baby

This is Gabe. He is Ryan and Leigh's baby. The kids and him love to play together.
I recently discovered that Gabe was not on the blog but Ryan and Leigh were and that needed to change. So here is sweet little Gabe.
We will miss you Ryan, Leigh and Gabe.


It's a Wild World

London, Mosely and Bergen had never seen the ocean before - until now! On the way to Aunt Vonnie's house we stopped at Buckroe Beach in Hampton. The kids chased the seagulls, with a little help from Erick and Rob! We ran on the sand and Bergen held his hands over his ears because the sound of the wind was too much for him.

The kids enjoyed it even though the wind was to much. Bergen said that there were sharks in the water. All though that is true we really don't want to believe it unless your crazy. Cause every boy loves sharks but even if they were the toughest boys in the world they would be a little scared.

Now as we mentioned before the kids loved chasing the seagulls. Mosely would run after them then stop and say something like come here seagull and they the seagull would start to run and then it would fly.
Now you are never to old to chase birds and that is also what Rob and Erick thought to. (Erick is in the green shirt and Rob in the brown shirt).

The Happy Song

This is Baylee Murphy. She is one week older than Piper. So she was born in August. She is so cute.

The Murphy girls came down while Riley and Dad went down to Look Up.

Baylee is the most grinny baby ever. I mean she is SO grinny.

All of the wee ones loved her so much. We all loved holding her and of course kissing her. She is a sweet baby.

Now Baylee is not the only Murphy girl. There's Raven too. Raven
is going to turn 5 in May. London and Raven are the bosses in their own houses. And well, when they
want to be in charge they mean it.
We love you Baylee. Hey Beth if your reading this or anyone else leave a comment.