Happy Birthday to Me!!

OK so I am now officially 15!! Yep that's right. So for my birthday I had 3 girls over for a sleepover and then we went to Frankie's Fun Park. We had so much fun. My cake was decorated to look like an iPod. It was awesome. Daddy did a great job on it. So after cake me, ashlyn, kristen and kenzie played cards listened to music i opened my presents and then well it was like 12 then so we were all really tired, or so we thought. We went to Wilder's room to go to bed cause his is a whole lot bigger then mine and on the way there Kristan saw the slacker sak. Well then yea..... we jumped on it and fliped on it and were laughing so hard at one point we woke up daddy. Sorry Daddy!! So we took the party into Wilder's room. Then we put on some of his stuff a.k.a. hats and blankets. His clothes wouldn't fit. hehe... jk.... So then this morning we got ready and headed to Frankie's Fun Park with Daddy. We rode go carts did laser tag and played in the arcade. After Frankie's we went to lunch and then everyone went home. We had so much fun!!


I've Had the Time of My Life

So this past week has been so much fun. Nathan And Jake Heffington, Lanier Ward, Chris Hunt, Matt Casey, Ben Brown and Rachael Slade all popped in for a visit. We all had so much fun with them. The kids (i guess you could call me that at this moment) love when they come. Piper has a new best friend named Lanier and whenever he was over she was in his arms and whenever he left she cried her wee little eyes out and I'm not kidding. Then after they (the summer staffers) left Oma, Emma and the boys came up to spend the day with us. We went to this fun place called Monkey Joe's. It is this huge building that has like 7 or 8 big blow up bouncies in it. The kids (that would be me as well) loved it. There were a couple times where I flew off the bounicies. It was fun though and no one got hurt!! Which is always a plus. After that we went to lunch at Chickfilia, we came home kids went down for rest time and Oma, Emma and Mom went out to have some really really big girl time. They seemed liked they enjoyed it.


Well thanks to all of you who voted on my poll. You guys who guessed Wilder Foxx McDonald Keigley were right.


Now or Never

So today mom and the girls had a play to go to. So I had the honor of staying home with Piper and Bergen. We had so much fun. We watched Little Bear and Arthur and then I had told Berg that we could go outside for a walk so we did that. He had been wanting to play soccer for a long time. He had so much fun so as soon as Piper saw him playing with a ball she had to have one. So here are some of the pics from it. Go to my facebook pictures to see all of them!!

Yes I know the song is for a basketball game but I can't think of anything that is about soccer :-(


Get'cha Head In the Game

So yes i have not updated my blog in a really really really long time. So sorry everyone. We have been really busy. Well recently I went to my first Hurricanes game. It was so much fun. Now who are the Hurricanes you may be asking well they are the team for co-op. They played really good. The girls lost but the JV guys won. It was a very good game. I also went to the Varsity guys game but my camera died so I could not take pictures of that game. The varsity guys lost by I think 2 or 3 points. It was so close. We also had to go into double overtime!! It was nuts. I can't wait till the next hurricanes game!! Maybe the next time my camera will not die.