Happy Birthday to Me!!

OK so I am now officially 15!! Yep that's right. So for my birthday I had 3 girls over for a sleepover and then we went to Frankie's Fun Park. We had so much fun. My cake was decorated to look like an iPod. It was awesome. Daddy did a great job on it. So after cake me, ashlyn, kristen and kenzie played cards listened to music i opened my presents and then well it was like 12 then so we were all really tired, or so we thought. We went to Wilder's room to go to bed cause his is a whole lot bigger then mine and on the way there Kristan saw the slacker sak. Well then yea..... we jumped on it and fliped on it and were laughing so hard at one point we woke up daddy. Sorry Daddy!! So we took the party into Wilder's room. Then we put on some of his stuff a.k.a. hats and blankets. His clothes wouldn't fit. hehe... jk.... So then this morning we got ready and headed to Frankie's Fun Park with Daddy. We rode go carts did laser tag and played in the arcade. After Frankie's we went to lunch and then everyone went home. We had so much fun!!

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