Like every girl I LOVE shoes. My favorite pairs right now are my Converses.London loves to do everything I do wear everything I wear including shoes. Well She has pretty much the same shoes (except hers are blue). Mom was cleaning out Pipers closet and she found Piper some converse. They are the cutest shoes I have ever seen for a baby. See for yourself.
They are so cute on Piper that when this baby is born (we still have not named him yet in case your wondering), I will most likely be getting him some black ones.

I'm A Big Kid Now

We went to Hobby Lobbys recently. Daddy needed some art stuff and London and I need some things for art camp.
When we were at Hobby Lobbys Hawke found this little Styrofoam paper airplane. Daddy said yes to it. They had so much fun making it and playing with it.
Piper was very mad that she couldn't go outside. Speaking of Piper her newest is one day mom was cutting up something and Piper was near her just sitting. Mom got up from the table to go into the kitchen and in that split second Piper crawled up onto the table and was sitting up on it with the scissors in her hands with the blades pointing at her tummy and was playing with them. It was crazy. And her other favorite thing to do is to shake her head NO!! She is 1 1/2 that is not supposed to happen yet.


It's All Too Much

So as you probably have noticed I have not updated my blog in FOREVER. This time I have no reason this time sorry to say. Let's see what has happened well Daddy turned 34. For his birthday dinner we had Taco Salad. Which he always chooses. I'm quite happy with this decision. We had a lot of the summer staff from 08 come for it. Then of course all the look up staff. It was a lot of fun. Co-op has started back which I about died with out. (No Joke) Piper has said ticklish and many more. It's super cute. She can point to your eye, nose, teeth and hair. Below are pics from daddy's party. Now I just realized there are NO pictures of him. Sorry daddy. I thought mom was taking them.

It's All Too Much Part 2

Some pics of daddy's party. We all had a blast as you can tell.


here our some pics of it

Happy New Year's!!! How was everyones new year? I know my family had a fun New Years. So apparently there is a tradition if you eat green things you will be wealthy and black eyed peas for happiness and pork for health. Any one ever heard of that? Well our family has never heard of that.

Well we had about 13 people at our house (including us). London, Mosely and Hawke decided hey lets do nails. So Mandie was the first to go. They did really well considering that they are 5 and 3. It was super sweet because the next day we saw that Mandie had cleaned them up to make them look better. Then Jane let them do her nails also very sweet. And one of Jane's friends Michele becoming our friend as well let the girls do hers to. But the best sport had to be Walter. You are probally thinking did I read this right? Well let me tell you read it right. It was so cute. Hawke did his green and sparkle blue. After that They all went home over all a great new years.