It's All Too Much

So as you probably have noticed I have not updated my blog in FOREVER. This time I have no reason this time sorry to say. Let's see what has happened well Daddy turned 34. For his birthday dinner we had Taco Salad. Which he always chooses. I'm quite happy with this decision. We had a lot of the summer staff from 08 come for it. Then of course all the look up staff. It was a lot of fun. Co-op has started back which I about died with out. (No Joke) Piper has said ticklish and many more. It's super cute. She can point to your eye, nose, teeth and hair. Below are pics from daddy's party. Now I just realized there are NO pictures of him. Sorry daddy. I thought mom was taking them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Riley! Very cool blog! I love the guitar look.... :-) And Kevin is on the picture - the 2nd one with a funny face.... ;-)

Have a great day!

big hug from Germany!


Riley said...

thank you for that. good im glad he did make it on the blog.

JEN said...

hey RILEY this is ur cousin JEN in ohio!! we need ur daddys email is mine thanks : ) good job on the blog its the only way we can keep up with all of u!!!

riley said...

i sent you an email with daddys email address