Lazy Head and Sleepy Bones

OK so I'm a terrible blogger now. I have done horrible remembering to update my blog. I am so sorry to fellow bloggers or blog readers.

This past week I had my first Africa meeting. If any of you didnt know I'm going to Kenya with Emma. We got some more info and it will be posted on our blog. Look it up on the side of this blog.

What else has happened hmmmm.... mom had another sonograham. We saw a pic of the baby. He's growing and healthy.

Ooooohhhhh.... the best one is when we (mom and i) went to NC we went to the world best pizza place ever!!!!! It's called Donatos. It is pretty much amazing. So we went there for dinner.

And today we had a baby shower. It was fun. We got a lot of adorable clothes and much more. Thanks everyone well today when we got home Piper fell asleep in moms arms watching Myth Busters. It was so cute. (hints the title)