Ya Say It's Your Birthday

Today is moms birthday!!!! She turned 35!!! I gotta say, when it comes to presents me and dad don't have any patience. So when she woke up she got a journal, cards,shirt from Old Navy and a gift card to sunrift. While the kids were napping mom and dad went to sunrift. They had fun. Mom got another shirt. Happy Birthday Mommy!!! We love ya!!!

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I'm A Big Kid Now

Bergen is growing so fast as well. He still is jumping off of stuff and climbing with just his arms but I guess that will make him stronger. Right??? We were joking with some of the summer staffers because some of the guys are going sky diving tomorrow. Mom said that she would never support Berg in this idea.


Wow what can I say. I know that Mom has this photo on her blog but it is just to funny. We were at Papaws house and the kids loved just running around and I hate saying it but playing in the drain ditch. So with that being said HELP THE POOR!!!!! (this is not a real ad it's just a joke)

Burnin Up

Piper is growing up so much and so fast. We went to our friend Harry's friends house and we went swimming. It was amazing. Piper just looked to cute not to put it up here.

Grandpa and his new wife Jenny came up the week of Fathers day weekend. We took them to Reedy River Falls in Greenville. Then we walked around downtown. We had fun with them.

Ninja Rap

Every year at camp we have a theme and character. This years is a Lou-ow and a ninja squirrel. The story is that the Nun and Chuck Norris are ninjas in training but have to fight bad guys in the end they fall in love with there minions. The Ice Queen and Snow Flake. Well the other bad guys Tha Big Cahoona and Tha Little Cahoona. The Ninja Squirrel come to the rescue and takes down the Big Cahoona. Then in the end the Ninja squirel comes out and it's Timmy Tucker. And he says " My Name is Timmy Tucker and I finally found my place in the world."

Oh Happy Day

Ok so most of you know we went to VA for the Fourth of July Party we have every year. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was that i got my braces off. But I also learned how to drive stick.(boy that was hard) and me and Austin went to the lake with Leigh and Gabe. We jumped off of 40-70 ft. cliffs. (into the lake of course). Well lets hear what London has to say...

.... "I like the fireworks and the cake". Now the cake was not any ordinary cake. We had a diploma cake for Austin, Sarah Addis and Sarah Wickstrum, we also had a baby cakes for all the births we have had this year. Piper was born in August and Beckett in September and little IZZ was born in June. Now I know this is crazy but there is still more cakes. We had a wedding cake for Jessica and Luke and Sarah and Eric geting engaged. Congrats to both of you.Then the last cake was a moving cake for The Keigley Fam and Jesse and Tarry. I think that was all the cakes.


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