I Miss You

Well this picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to tell you. But it's a really cute picture. Well here is the news. My dad's mom died early this morning. We will be heading up to Ohio ASAP. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and get prepared for everything to come.


Okay so everyone has been giving me a hard about not updating the blog.(jenga and olma) Well the staffers just got here this weekend and we have been hanging out at the lodge a lot. We like all the staffers a lot and are liking them more everyday. This next weekend Leigh and Gabe are coming down for the weekend. Well that's pretty much all that's going on in the Keigley house.


Over You

Daddy cut Bergen's hair. It looks really great. Daddy does a great job on it. The style is called a fohawk. It stays up all by its self. Great job daddy. I know that mom put this photo on hers to but this picture is just to cute for you to miss it.

High On The Mountain Top

We went to one of the coolest views in SC. We packed a little dinner, and took the camera and had fun family time. This is were the Blue Ridge Parkway just ends. It looks insane..

We Rock

Grandpa came to visit us this past week. He was a huge help. He helped by cleaning out our garage pretty much all by himself. It was crazy. Thanks grandpa! He had fun with Piper as well. They loved to cuddle. In this photo they were watching me play Guitar Hero 3. We had fun with grandpa.


Life's What You Make It

Well here is the update on the Keigley house. We will start from youngest to oldest.
Piper: She is now crawling , eating whole foods and mom is letting us give her a little bit of ice cream. hehe. Ummmm.... oh yea she is starting to make oba noises. It's really cute.
Bergen: Bergen is a wild man and that's pretty much all I can say about him.
Mosely: She is growing up so fast. She loves to cook and tonight I was cleaning my really messy room and she just came in and started cleaning it up. It was awesome!
London: London is talking now about turning 5. It's crazy that's she going to be 5. Daddy told her when she turns 5 she can run with him. She's really excited about that.
Riley: Well I'm an official Look Up Lodge worker. It's pretty awesome. I have like 5 or 6 weeks left of school. It will be the bomb when I'm out of school.
Daddy: Well daddy is enjoying working at Look Up. If any of you come down to camp this summer then know that a lot of ideas are from him and Walter. LOL
Mommy: Well she is enjoying every day being a mother of 5. She can't wait for mothers day. I will write more about her special day after it's happened. ( just in case she reads this before it's her day.) 1 more thing if your wondering why the pic is of a dad saying hey it just made me laugh.


Do You Know The Muffin Man?

The kids love to cook. They are becoming very good at it. They have made cookies and cakes and even Rocket Soup. hehe


With You

We recently got this huge bean bag type thing that's huge and it came in this little tiny box. The kids love to get in it and well they were all in it and so we decided to put Piper in there with them. (Hints the title)

All American Girl

Piper is growing up so much. It's crazy. Right now she is at the army crawl stage. It's really cute. So far Piper has eaten puffs and Cheerios. As far as the foods she eats that's hard.
We went to church this morning and when we dropped her off it was really sad seeing a complete stranger take her. But on the bright side she did great.