Get'cha Head In the Game

So yes i have not updated my blog in a really really really long time. So sorry everyone. We have been really busy. Well recently I went to my first Hurricanes game. It was so much fun. Now who are the Hurricanes you may be asking well they are the team for co-op. They played really good. The girls lost but the JV guys won. It was a very good game. I also went to the Varsity guys game but my camera died so I could not take pictures of that game. The varsity guys lost by I think 2 or 3 points. It was so close. We also had to go into double overtime!! It was nuts. I can't wait till the next hurricanes game!! Maybe the next time my camera will not die.

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Jenga & Addie said...

Whoa- it's so good to see a Riley blog! Maybe we could come see a Hurricanes game- They look like they're really good. Hope you're having a great day!

Riley said...

yes that would be a ton of fun. im giving you warning it's crazy loud!!!